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Cosy Bed Tips


1. Get a natural mattress
2. Buy extra matching pillowcases, there are never enough included in bedding sets. 
3. Use 100% cotton bedding, or another natural material. Avoid polycotton, even if they use misleading terms such as 'cotton rich' (That goes for socks too, I see you M&S)
4. If you're a side sleeper like me, get a pillow for between your knees. 
5. Surround yourself with beautiful images, bonus points for nature pictures.
I was lucky that we were gifted a big solid wood bed as a wedding present, many years ago. 
This is still going strong but I've changed the mattress a couple of times. The last time I bought a mattress I wanted an eco friendly choice. I wrote a blog about how I chose a sustainable mattress here. 
Your mattress is probably the single most important thing about having a comfortable bed. It's really worth investing in a decent one that ticks all the boxes for you. In the end I chose a wool room mattress and I’m really happy that I did.
My tip for this company is to sign up to their newsletter, as they send out lots of offers. (And no, sadly I didn’t receive a free mattress for this blog post)
bold wallpaper
I recently changed the mattress on my daughters bed, because they had a seconds sale come up. This has just reinforced to me the quality standards they have, as I couldn't see a single thing wrong with her 'seconds' mattress.
maximalist bedroom
I had a few old patterned duvet covers that were getting really faded in the wash.
I usually set my machine at 30-40 degrees as it’s better for my clothes, and the environment. 
However the recommended temperature for bedding and towels is 60 degrees.
It was great that my sheets were clean, but the prints really faded over time and it was making the whole room look drab. 
(Which is why I love my super vibrant fabric printer, sadly they don’t make bedding)
I decided as I wanted to add printed cushions to my bed, a plain duvet cover would work well. 
I went for navy to match my curtains. It makes a nice backdrop to my bright cushion designs.
I also made sure I got a few extra pillowcases.
My husband was always chucking any old pillow cases on, in a mad mixture of designs. If that sounds cool, it wasn't. 
I'm all for eclectic style, but to get the most out of maximalist design, you need to choose carefully which pieces are going to stand out.
Or it can quickly look like a cluttered mess. 
bedroom inspo
To save on space and be more sustainable I'm only going to have 1 duvet set at a time for my bed. Think of the benefits, no more storing lots of bedding and less landfill for a start. (And my husband will be forced to choose matching pillowcases, ha)
I'm lucky enough to have a tumble drier so if I decide to wash my bedding in the morning it can easily be dry before bedtime. If you line dry your washing you may need 2 sets. 
So that's the comfort side taken care of.
I also recommend you surround yourself with any images that make you feel happy. I like to see my favourite art print when I wake up in the morning. For you it might be the patterned bed sheets you sleep on, the wallpaper in front of you or a pretty lamp.  This room is your deepest sanctuary within your home, make it work for you. 
Bonus tip - Invest in a good pillow - I'll be sending you my pillow buying guide soon. 




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