Deep Sea Glow In The Dark Wallpaper


Glow in the dark wallpaper featuring creepy deep sea creatures!
The bioluminescence of these fish is only apparent when the lights are off.
In the day it’s a subtle, yet intriguing, design. At night you can only see what you would glimpse under the waves.
This wallpaper uses only the highest quality materials that have a superb colour and glow time,
These are NOT your average glow in the dark products!
Dimensions - 52cm x 40cm
Repeat - 40cm
Pattern - Any
Digitally printed with hand applied high quality glow in the dark dots.
If you choose to add the dots yourself this does make installation easier and dots will be included but you will need to supply your own glue and be warned, it is time consuming! 
***THIS IS FOR ONE PIECE 52cm x 40cm*** 
Fire certified for Europe and USA – classified to BS EN 13501-1-1:2002 Class B, s1, d0. Non-woven papers are paste the wall application, easy to install with no soaking required.