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Wilful Ink

Octopus Cushion

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Cover Only
It's back! My most requested design to bring back for this collection. 
The original Octopus cushion sold out very quickly, this is the updated version
Printed on 100% cotton this design features contrast orange piping. 
The original artwork showcased only uses the most vibrant inks and watercolours.

Each illustration is the result of a complex 3 step process. These intricate, hand painted pictures are incredibly detailed. 

Not only are you getting an attractive cushion, but also a work of art for your extraordinary home. 
Choose just the cover, or British wool, which is a natural wonder fabric.
Wool is a breathable fibre with excellent temperature regulating abilities. It bounces back in to shape time after time and is a favourite amongst allergy sufferers. It is a long lasting, comfortable and renewable fibre. It is also naturally fire resistant without using chemicals, which is why you will find it in natural mattresses. 

Dimensions Approx - 43 x 43cm