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Wilful Ink

Swarovski Octopus Art Print


43.5 x 43.5cm
This piece has to be seen to be appreciated. 
I hand embellished this best selling octopus design with the most luxurious Swarovski crystals available.
These are much more reflective than the average Swarovski crystal and have dual tones that catch the light in a magical way.
The crystals are placed strategically on the tentacles of the octopus to add another dimension to the piece, but at the same time not overwhelm the vibrant ink and watercolour illustration.
I often add videos of embellished pieces on Instagram so you can see the shimmer. 
There is only 1 piece available, the black box frame is included.
This unique octopus lives on the bottom of the sea. This means it has opposite camouflage than most species, lighter on the top and darker on the bottom.  
This is a digital print. 
Outer dimensions of the frame - 43.5 x 43.5cm