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Hi, I'm Emma, the artist behind Wilful Ink.
I was told by my father at a young age that I was a very wilful girl indeed. He was right. 

I live with my husband and children just outside Brighton with our 2 cats and many insect friends. 
I regularly escape to my secret cabin in the garden to illustrate more eerie creatures.

I create maximalist wallpaper and homewares that celebrate all that is weird and wonderful in nature.
A particular focus of mine is on animals or plants that you may not have seen before, or those darker moments in the natural world.
I like to recreate the feeling of Victorian explorers on adventures, when the world was still new and mysterious.

All designs use my hand drawn illustrations.
I scraped through my art GCSE with a 'C' and spectacularly failed A Level art.
My school art teacher never liked me and my college teacher said my art was very 'flat'.
For a while, I put art aside to get on with more sensible things. Eventually however art sneaked back into my life. I pushed through my own self doubt and discomfort to persevere and discover my own unique style. 
I use a mix of the most vibrant ink and watercolours I can find, to make my designs as vivid and striking as possible. 

It is important to me to tread lightly on the earth and be fair to everyone in the supply chain.
Every product is made in the UK and sweatshops are never used.
I am constantly looking for ways to make the company more environmentally friendly, from using biodegradable card sleeves, to the materials I use in my products. 

I am dedicated to making a difference with my art wherever I can. 
I do this by supporting charities such as the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Rainforest Trust.  I donate a percentage of profits from certain designs to these important organisations.  Please do take a look at these wonderful charities. 
I want to help you to make your home extraordinary. 
You are the final step in the creative process. By collaborating with you my pieces come to life in your hands, and in your home. 
Are you ready to bring distinctive style into your nest?
Then come with me, and shop my maximalist creations here.