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Wilful Ink is the pseudonym for artist Emma O’Brennan. 

.forest of dean artist

Emma is a late diagnosed AuDHD artist who ran away to live in the Forest of Dean.


Wilful Ink creates paintings showcasing the strange and unusual in nature.

Think sea slugs, peacock mantis shrimp and bioluminescent mushrooms.

Themes of death and decay coexist with brightness and vitality in her work.

She appreciates the full cycle of nature, not just the gentle parts.


Emma is addicted to watching a handful of shows on repeat. Such as Supernatural, Altered Carbon, Buffy, The OA, Sense8 and Hemlock Grove. If you like any of these shows your conversations will never run dry.

Perhaps this ties in with her neurodivergent creativity and habit of visual stimming. (Which is why she collects dragons breath and saphiret glass)


Wilful Ink art is a window to another world, one just beyond our reach.

The darkest velvet black backgrounds juxtapose beautifully with the brightest, and most pigmented colours.

These paintings are made to get lost in.


Emma lives in the woods in an old chapel with her dogs, cat, chameleon and insects.

There might also be a couple of kids and a man running about feral, but they don’t sit still long enough to count.