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  • Altered Carbon Review

    Altered Carbon Review

    I'd go as far as to say this is my favourite show. In a future where human consciousness can be downloaded and you can change bodies (sleeves), some people have...

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  • Gift Guide

    My Betta Fish mug was recently featured on Modern Guy's 'Gifts For Him' list.  These porcelain mugs make wonderful gifts for vegans. As unlike bone china, they don't use animal...

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    Gift Guide
  • Marianne North - Vibrant Painter Ahead...

    Famous Victorian botanical painter Marianne North was quoted as saying "I had long dreamed of going to some tropical country to paint its peculiar vegetation on the spot in natural abundant...

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  • Interior Accounts To Inspire You

      Instagram is my favourite place for provoking my house envy. Here are my top accounts to follow this week if you’re looking to be inspired. . The Interior Editor For Maria...

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    Interior Accounts To Inspire You
  • Historical Botanical Painters

    Historical Botanical Painters

    Here are some botanical artists I enjoy. I hope you are as inspired as me by their magnificent depictions of nature.  Vishnupersaud . Arum tortuosum by Vishnupersaud . Marianne North  ....

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