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Becoming An Artist

Become an Artist.
Invest in yourself, grow the confidence to be able to call yourself an artist. 
Join my 6 week watercolour course and learn to paint this vibrant butterfly.
No drawing needed!
I guide you through each step, holding your hand, and kicking your arse.
Art changed my life.
It was always there, in the background. When I started devoting time to my craft, it grew and changed in amazing ways.
It’s a common misconception that art is a talent you either have or you don’t.
The truth is, a lot of it is just time, practice and experimentation.
I want to give you the benefits of what I have spent years working out. 
I give you the short cuts to paint like me.
This course is for you, even if -
1. You have always wanted to paint, but don’t know where to start
2. You often start an illustration and give up before you finish, because you dislike it.
3. Like doing art, but don’t want to show anyone your work.
4. Don’t feel like you can call yourself an artist.
5. Have tried other courses but have not finished.
6. Found formal art education intimidating or under stimulating.
I have struggled with ALL of these things.
I can help you find the confidence to break through these issues.
Whether you want to paint for a hobby, or are hoping to start an art career, I am here to teach you how.
What you will get
1. A luxury box of starter watercolour inks and brushes.
I have handpicked these personally to make sure you have exactly what you need.
(No more looking at hundreds of numbered brushes, wondering which one to pick!)
The only equipment you need to provide are a couple of jars for water, a palette or old white plate and a rag/kitchen roll.
2. Illustrations ready to apply watercolour too.
I will send you print outs of my ink drawings on watercolour paper. You do not need to do any drawing in this course.
3. Watercolour practice sheets - to test out techniques before the main piece.
4. Video calls with me to address any concerns.
These will be tailored to you. Every week we will discuss your blocks, and any issues you are having with techniques.
I will have my paints ready if you need me to demonstrate or explain anything.
I will give you honest and empathetic feedback on your work to ensure you are getting the best of yourself.
5. Access to a Facebook group to talk to myself and other students.
6. Advice on next steps to keep your momentum going in developing as an artist.
I have been where you are now and feel really passionate about unlocking the hidden potential in you.
I would be really excited to help you on your journey.
Email me now at to discuss if this course is a good fit for you.
Why put off becoming an artist any longer?  
Option 1 - Beetle
This is a small group of up to four people. 
Each week we will have a group call to discuss how you are getting on. 
Option 2 - Hawkmoth
This is everything you get with Beetle with an additional two 121 calls with me. 
Option 3 - Cicada
This is a personal course where you get 121 tuition. You will have my undivided attention and six 121 calls with me. 
If you have any questions feel free to email me -