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rainforest wallpaper
We are remaining open at the moment. I am lucky enough to work from a cabin in my garden. As my husband cannot work at the moment I am the sole earner in our family. 
All packages are picked up by a courier from outside my house with no contact from me. 
I have been in complete isolation with my whole family for several weeks now as my son has a heart condition, none of us have had the virus.
I would recommend dealing with post from me as you would any other post you are receiving. 
Throw away the outside packaging and wash your hands. Ideally if you have a tea towel or washable item then wash it. Wipe down anything that you can wipe. You can also leave new items for 72 hours to be extra safe. 
This is what I am doing with every single thing that enters my home. 
During lockdown I will be sending out free colouring sheets to all newsletter subscribers. I am also adding fun insect videos on Instagram which you can watch here. 
I will try and think of other ways to entertain you all in this difficult time. We are used to isolation, so I want to help you cope too! Welcome to a crash course in being a cardiac parent!
A bit about Wilful Ink.
Welcome to Wilful Ink where you will find luxury zoological and botanical wallpaper and homewares. 

Wilful Ink specialises in homewares that make your home stand out.

Whether you want to compliment a maximalist kitchen or add just a touch of distinction, this is the place to bring unique style to your nest.

When everyone else is raving about the latest interior trend and you see the same old favourites pop up time and time again, revel in the fact that you have something more extraordinary up your sleeve.

There is nothing wrong with pineapples, monstera leaves and flamingos of course. There is a reason they are so popular after all.

However, the natural kingdom is a diverse and fascinating place with an estimated 8.7 million diverse species that reside on this spinning ball of ours. So why not celebrate some of the more weird and wonderful animals of the world?

You guests will be enchanted to exclaim, ‘what on earth is that creature?’ To which you will reply ‘ I’m so glad you asked, it’s a peacock mantis shrimp’ or ‘a newly discovered and yet unnamed orchid’

Surprise and delight not only yourself but anyone lucky enough to be invited to your inner sanctum.

Your home should be your palace, filled with treasures that light up your soul. It’s the only part of the world we are the true masters of. Fill your Aladdins cave with wonders.

These needful things whisper quietly into your ear and stay in your mind long after you have closed your eyes for the night.
It's probably best just to give in now and silence those slippery thoughts.
Let your curiosity get the better of you...