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Wilful Ink

A Light To Hold You Tea Towel


Wilful Ink's signature bright on dark. This is not your average tea towel.
Printed in England with bright, fade resistant inks on 100% cotton.
This design features an original painting.
100% Organic Cotton

This design was created when my son was born with a heart defect.
I knew he would be rushed to PICU the moment he was born. I wanted so badly to be there for him, but knew I would likely still be an inpatient myself for at least a few hours.
The bird represents me, feeling empty after a traumatic birth.
The little acorn, trying to grow into a tree, is my son.
The caterpillars are a type that can cause respiratory issues. They are chewing holes in the tiny tree. This is related to my sons oxygen levels. Which were about 60-80% for the first few years of his life.
The exposed heart symbolises both my childs hypoplastic cardiac condition, and the raw exposure we can feel as new parents, responsible for this tiny, fragile life.
The string connecting the bird and acorn is actually an umbilical cord. The bright blue light is what I concentrated on in my hospital bed. Trying to imagine it surrounding him until I could reach him.
I hope this design strikes a chord with those who may be separated from their loved ones, for whatever reason. It tells the story of the longing we feel for those we cherish when we can't be together.
The original painting has now sold.