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Altered Carbon Review



I'd go as far as to say this is my favourite show.

In a future where human consciousness can be downloaded and you can change bodies (sleeves), some people have become so old and rich, they think they are gods.

A resistance fighter from the past is brought back to solve a murder.
A friend of mine described it as a Blade Runner copy. But I like this so much more.
It does have Bladerunner aesthetics, and a few parallels between Decker and Kovacs. But to me, this has so much more soul.

There is a detached quality to Bladerunner I can't quite put my finger on. I like it, but I have never loved it. And Altered Carbon is my obsession.
I fell for so many of the characters.

Takeshi Kovacs played mainly by Joel Kinnaman and Will Yun Lee in season 1 is the perfect anti hero. A man who tries hard not to make new connections with other people, and fails.

takeshi kovacs altered carbon

Joel Kinnaman does the main voiceover. His deep monotone reminds me of Michael C Hall's narration in Dexter. Probably one of the main reasons I have an obscene amount of rewatches. It lends the feel of a film noir.

Other favourites from the show are Ortega, Poe and Lizzy Elliot.

Poe is the hotel, and the hotel is Poe. In the book the hotel is called 'The Hendrix' but the hendrix estate didn't want to be associated with the violent nature of the film.

I absolutely adore what they did with Poe, so think this worked out well.

You get to see just how connected he is to the building in the first episode when he comes to Kovacs aid. That scene gets a smile from me every single time.

poe altered carbon
Lizzy really comes into play in the last couple of episodes, and it is worth the wait.

I don't want to spoil it for you, but when the song 'Future Starts Slow' comes on, you know it's going to kick off.

lizzie elliot altered carbon
Kristin Ortega plays a main role. She's more than a match for Kovacs surly side. She's stubborn, angry and often rude. I, of course, totally love her.
                     kristin ortega altered carbon

The villains of the story are the 'Meths'.

People so rich and powerful they have successfully avoided death for hundreds of years, and become so much less human for it.

They are selfish and detached enough to be classed as quite evil. But, they are SO watchable. James Purefoy and Kristin Lehman are perfect in their roles as the Bancrofts.

A good friend of mine called this show 'perfect SiFi'. And I have to agree.

Sadly season 2 was quite disappointing, but still worth a watch. I would also recommend reading the book by Richard Morgan. It follows the main story and in my opinion all the changes the series made worked really well for the screen. 



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