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Now stocking Pure&Original natural paints.


I'm really excited to announce that Wilful Ink will be stocking Pure&Original's natural paints. 


I really wanted a natural, VOC free but stylish paint, something that you don't see everywhere. Pure&Original are 100% mineral paints, the lime paint is totally VOC free and water based so can be used in nurseries which gives them a big tick in my book. 
In addition to being environmentally and baby friendly they also have some really exciting finishes. 


The Classico chalk paint is sure to become an instant favorite for all you Shabby Chica's out there! This type of paint has become hugely popular due to the fact there is no prep involved. Do keep in mind however that the furniture still needs to be clean and it is best to finish it with a wax. 

I can't wait to experiment with the Marrakech Walls paint, keep your eyes peeled for my blog post on how I get on with this! The greys work especially well to get that urban concrete look but some of the olive greens and dark purples could also be very interesting. 

Here are a few examples of the ways you could use this fabulous paint. 









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