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Roller Engaving - Part 2



Last week I wrote about receiving the digital proofs for my wallpaper designs and changing some aspects to finalise ready for the rollers to be engraved.

This week I received images showing the process of creating the rollers which was really fascinating to see, mostly because I was finally getting somewhere with making my wallpaper a reality. Can I call myself an artist yet?!

Anyway, I digress. Here we can see a blank roller ready to be engraved.



Not much to look at at this stage.

These next images show the laser burning away the rubber. I bet that's a delightful smell!



Here you can see the design showing, but still covered in rubber dust. The laser burns away everything outside the design down by about 2mm, leaving the design in relief.



The roller is washed before being tested on a proof. This raised design is what is inked to create the wallpaper pattern, shown below in 'The Froghoppers Reflection'.



All I have to do now is make a final decision on colours and my wallpapers will be born...




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