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Beetle House Project


There is so much more you can do with wallpaper than cover your walls.
I decorated this cute little £3 plywood box I found at Tiger and use it as somewhere to throw my keys and wallet when I get in the door.
I used gorgeous VOC free Lakeland paints in Feng Shui Tiffany which matches so perfectly with my purple Beetlenut design.
First I used their wood primer and let it dry overnight. Then I added a layer of undercoat, again leaving overnight before applying the first layer of Tiffany. One layer would possibly have been OK but I decided to do one more to make it really durable.
Finally I traced around the house, making adjustments for the fact it would be slightly smaller on the inside, and cut out my section of wallpaper. I added this to the back using wallpaper paste.
It was a quick and easy project, I might try something more substantial next time!



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