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Bathroom Wallpaper


I'll say it again. Make every room as magical as your downstairs loo. 
OK, bear with me.
I just got these exquisite images from my lovely customer Georgie.
She told me that this was her favourite room in the house. I was so intrigued by this so of course asked her to elaborate. 
She said it was because it was a calm and still place. She liked the family photos and fancy hand soaps you'd so often find in them. She also told me you can tell a lot about a family from this room. 
bathroom wallpaper
The only bathroom I have is downstairs, and we only have the one, so this doesn’t really apply to my family.
Somehow the mere dip of my toe into soothing hot water is enough to set everyone’s digestive systems on uber drive.
Cries of 'How long are you going to be?' and ' I need a pooooooo' can be reliably heard, This is just my husband.
The kids just wander in and go whenever they please. 
Anyway, I digress...
For those of you with an unusually decorated ‘WC’ (What a shame to reduce such a flowery phrase as ‘water closet’ to an acronym) I would love to see you expand this fantastic style to the rest of your house. 
wc inspiration
My wallpaper designs are unapologetically maximalist. They are not meant to be ignored.
Sometimes people feel like my designs ask too much of them.
If beige walls and minimalist furniture are calming to you, and vibrant colours give you a headache, this post is not for you. (Personally neutrals hurt my eyes)
You might be better suited to scandinavian interiors, or the terrifying uniformity of the Apple store. 
If you are creative, if art fuels your mind, if you like to look at something every day and STILL be surprised years later by some tiny detail you missed, then my wallpaper IS for you.
luxury bathroom
Often those that love pattern still think it shouldn’t be somewhere they spend a lot of time.
So beautiful designs are only found in the water closet. (i’m bringing it back, no more shortening, if I ever get one that’s what I’m calling it)
They make this room enchanting and magical and delightful.
They add artwork that is vibrant.
The room comes alive.
And it is only seen a few times a day for the briefest of times (unless you are hiding from your family pretending to be constipated and are actually just reading your favourite book, you know, hypothetically)
I want to ask why we save all this glamour for just one room. 
Your home is your sanctuary. Your home is only for you and those that live there. 
People, and women especially, seem to feel a pressure to make ourselves smaller, beiger, more generic so as not to offend anyone.
But I'm asking, why should we? 
What is it that you REALLY love?
What speaks to you?
What gets you excited?
And really, what is there to be scared of?
Do you like dark walls but think it will make the room look smaller or dingy? Why not give it a try? Worst case scenario you can always paint over it.
Do you think wallpaper will be too ‘busy’ for your space? Why do you think you will get tired of looking at something that you love?
Is there artwork that you like but you’re worried it’s too bright, too risque, too bold? I say BE BOLD!
Make your home extraordinary, make it as unique as your fingerprint.  
Maybe the water closet is a good place to start to unleash your decorating demons. But then, why stop there? 
I love to read your comments and promise to reply. 



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