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Behind the wallpaper - Gallinule


I thought it might be nice to show how the finished wallpaper designs come about. 
This week I'm going to show you a few images from the preparation of the Gallinule wallpaper. 
First I sketch the animals that I'm interested in before adding ink and detail. You can see below I had a bit of help from the Pickle with a few extra dots...
bird sketch
After I have scanned and printed the images I add watercolour. I usually plan for one or two drafts but in practice there can be many, many more until I am satisfied. 
gallinule bird watercolour
I arrange all the pieces together on the computer and then play with colour options. This can be the most fun, or frustrating part!
Bird wallpaper design
Here are a few colour backgrounds that didn't make the final cut, although they might pop up when I expand the range. 
You can see the final wallpaper design here.



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