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Best Air Purifying House Plants


Are you looking for the best air purifying house plants?
I was searching for a way to make my home air healthier and wondered, do air purifiers work? I’m not sure they do. When I was looking for more information I started coming across lots of articles on how much house plants are naturally effective at reducing toxins in the home.
Nasa did a very interesting study on the air purifying ability of plants in 1989. (Clearly they are getting ready to move us all to space stations when we finally and irrevocably fuck up this planet)
I already knew plants provided us with oxygen in return for our waste Co2 but they can also help to neutralise lots of nasty things in our home air.
Some of the chemicals the average home has include Benzene, Trichloroethylene and Formaldehyde which have been found to cause headaches, asthma, nervousness, psychological disturbances, anaemia, blood disease and various cancers to name but a few fun side effects.
The Nasa study found that having certain plants in the area can neutralise the effects of Sick Building Syndrome.
A few of the plants in my garden cabin in front of 'Rainforest Wallpaper'
Here is a list of some of the best air cleaning plants.
Snake Plant
One of my favourites as it’s hard to kill with the added benefit of releasing oxygen at night.
(Moderately toxic to pets and children.)
English Ivy
I love Ivy, it’s great as a hanging plant and also combats mould.
There was a study where ivy was placed in containers featuring mould and dog faeces, it reduced the mould toxins by 60% and the dog poo by 94%!
(Toxic to pets and children)
Peace Lily
A pretty flower that combats Benzene, Formaldehyde. Trichloroethylene, Xylene and Ammonia.
(Toxic to pets and children)
Another attractive flower that works hard to reduce toxins, just as effective as the Peace Lily.
(Toxic to pets and children)
 Red Edged Dracaena
Easy care and impressive to look at, so spiky!
Removes benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and toluene
(Toxic to pets)
 Gerbera Daisy
These bold and bright flowers are effective at air cleaning and non toxic so you don’t have to panic if your cat eats it.
(Non toxic to pets and children)
 Spider Plant
A heavyweight when it comes to neutralising chemicals, cheap and easy to look after. These seem to sprout babies pretty easily so could be very cost effective long term.
(Non toxic to pets and children.)
Quite a few of these are toxic to pets and children, but usually only if they eat them, or in some cases touch them.
A great solution is to use high shelves or hanging baskets, therefore keeping all the benefits but minimising the risks.
The recommendation is 1 plant per 100 square foot, although it doesn’t specify how big the plant should be.
I’ve recently invested in a couple of big plants over a metre tall and hope to gradually get more until I’m living in a jungle!



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