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Brave Homes


I hear a lot about people being 'brave' with their interiors or fashion choices.
I guess it does take bravery sometimes, to show who we really are.
But fuck me, it's worth it. 
The reward is being happy in your own true skin. 
wallpaper designer
Sofia, Eric and I in front of my wallpaper. 
Never decorate your home, or yourself, to please anyone else.
Of course you will have to negotiate a bit with the people you actually live with. But visitors? They can seriously like it or lump it. 
We shouldn't have to make ourselves blander, smaller, beiger, to fit in with what everyone else expects of us. 
I want your homes to be YOUR paradise. That is inevitably going to be someone else's hell, and that's OK, they have their own paradise island to decorate with MDF and Magnolia. *Shudder*
Oh, that just reminded me of one of Jessica Lange’s best lines in American Horror Story.
(Spoilers if you haven’t see the Coven series.)
Jessica Lange
After she dies and goes to hell she finds herself in a rustic cabin with the Axeman. As she spins around getting more and more distressed with her horrifying eternity, she screams in anguish ‘What is this, KNOTTY PINE?!’
I just watched it again to remind myself of the quote.
It’s pure gold.
If knotty pine is your thing, seriously, go for it. Don’t let my snootiness put you off. But that’s my point, it’s not about what anyone else thinks.
And it’s OK to make mistakes and change your mind. Try things out and see how they make you feel.
Trends come and go, don’t worry about your home looking dated, only ask yourself, do I like it?
quirky interior
So much to love in this quirky home
If you want some inspiration for unique homes check out -
I'd love to hear what you think about decorating your home to only please yourself. 




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