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As an independent wallpaper and homeware designer, I had such a fantastic time at Handmade Kew in October.

I finally got to meet so many of my lovely customers face to face. I work alone in my cabin most of the time. I am a fairly solitary soul but it was really nice to get out of my comfort zone and meet some interesting people. 

Here is me and littlest bubs at the show.

handmade kew
It's always useful to get the chance to get some feedback on designs and products and see what people like, and don't like!
The Chameleon character which is one of my oldest wallpaper designs did so well. I sold out of the new chameleon print cosmetic bags, cushions and all but one art print. I have since created a brand new tea towel design and am planning a new greeting card as it seems I underestimated this colourful little reptile. You never can tell what will be popular.
I tried not to spend all my profits on the other stands, but it was hard! 
Ingrid Aaroe had the most beautiful blue ceramic vases and bowls. The colours were really extraordinary. 
blue vase
I also found my new favourite piece of jewellery.
I need to get my hands on Emma Keating's amazing lizard necklace. Because I love tropical animals, this piece really stood out to me.
lizard necklace
I hope to be back at Kew next year and maybe even do one of the other design fairs and venues too. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements.



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