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Interior Accounts To Inspire You




Instagram is my favourite place for provoking my house envy.
Here are my top accounts to follow this week if you’re looking to be inspired.
For Maria it’s all about pink, green, and purple.
Her feed has a very coherent style and you can see she has put a lot of thought and effort into every shot.
I especially like her fireplace makeover, her big metal bird that steals every shot it’s in and her garden room filled natural light and plants.
garden room
Joanne describes her style as colourful, eclectic and maximalist. She had me at hello.
Joanne has that knack of combining a lot of bright colours and mismatched pieces and making it work. I don’t know if it’s possible to teach that skill, but sign me up if it is!
Check out her golden staircase. 
gold stairs
Pati is Queen of dark interiors. Her feed is dramatic and textured, but never cluttered or gloomy.
The fact she has created such gorgeous shots in a small, rented house is even more impressive.
mustard throw
I see Jenasie’s home as grand and palatial. She is fond of oversized paintings, gold details and beautifully carved solid wood.
I love her bathroom one room challenge and beautiful blue velvet sofas.
She says she's thrifty, but surely there must be sorcery involved? 
dining room inspiration
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Liz has a passion for wallpaper, so of course I love her account!
I love the way she flits between jet black walls, soft pink furniture and colourful wallpaper without it ever being jarring.
pink walls
Tell me your favourite interior accounts, or show me your own!
I’d love to find more hidden gems.



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