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Today I want to talk about an artist I admire.
Marta Hutt, from Lush Eclectic, creates distinctive images of women using dry pastels and acrylics.
It’s fascinating to me, someone that works with tiny watercolour brushes and fine tipped pens, that someone can get these amazing effects from pastels. Materials that always felt like ungainly blunt objects in my hands.
I wonder what it is that calls each artist to their preferred medium?
silence painting
I think the thing that drew me in to Marta’s work was her use of vibrant, saturated colours. Colours you could drown in they are so deep. And you know that’s something I am completely addicted to.
The second thing is that her paintings feature strong and proud women.
The expressions are magnificent and unexpected. There are stories painted into each one.
The way she captures emotions, and a snapshot of intensity is extraordinary.
Marta’s instagram account marries artwork and interiors, to give you plenty of inspiration about how to bring art into your space.
Sometimes it can be hard to visualise how to display art, I know I struggle with gallery walls and placement of frames. (Seriously do you need a maths degree to get them lined up correctly?!)
mary painting
I also really like the fact that she’s really open about her own struggles as an artist. We can so easily look at social media accounts and think other people are always doing so well, so effortlessly. Marta is so wonderfully human and honest about the challenges of being self employed and how much people like us rely on our lovely customers to earn a living. (Seriously people, support small businesses, especially if you want to keep seeing uncommon stuff, we can’t do it with a trend following boss breathing down our necks)
I really recommend joining the Lush Eclectic newsletter if you want lots of home inspiration.
She often features real customers homes which I love. So much nicer than dry, styled shoots that are just a bit too perfect.
My two favourite paintings in Marta’s collection are ‘Fierce Foreigner’ and ‘Defend The Sacred’
strong female art
They both have amazing stories behind them and I really encourage you to check them out.




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