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Natural Mattresses


Do you know what happens when you have children? They pee on your mattress.
If you are an idiot like me and you don’t have a mattress protector, you then need to buy a new one.

Memory Foam Mattresses

I was intrigued by all the new brands popping up like Casper, Emma and Eve. I also looked at Dormeo, they seemed to be a good price and had great reviews.
I think memory foam mattresses are really comfortable. I always lusted after a Temper mattress. However when I started looking into what was in these mattresses I didn’t like what I found.
When you get a new memory foam mattress they are often conveniently rolled up in a box. When you put it on your bed for the first time many of these companies advise you about ‘off gassing’
A very small amount of research confirmed to me that I did not want to bring anything into my house that was going to emit a massive amount of nasty chemicals!

Natural Latex Mattresses

I looked into natural latex mattresses next. It was quite tricky to find one that was truly organic as there were many that were actually made from a man made material called styrene butadiene and were being mis sold.
I also found they were very expensive. Some if the reviews also suggested they were quite warm and made the sleeper sweat. I cannot stand being hot at night so hell no to that.
wool mattress
Button&Sprung Mattress

Wool Mattresses

Eventually I found the holy grail of mattresses, the wool mattress.
The best thing about wool is that it is naturally flame retardant. So all the chemicals that are used in most mattresses to make them up to fire regulation standard were unnecessary.
My favourite brands I came across were Button and Sprung, Herdy Sleep and the Woolroom.
My husband did a little cry at the cost (this is why we can’t have nice things, I always spend more on the basics that he would…)
Woolroom Mattress
I got the most basic of the Woolroom mattresses and waited nervously for it to arrive. It’s like sleeping on a cloud, I absolutely adore it. (Phew)
Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and is 99.9% dust mite free. It regulates temperature in just the way it does for sheep. It keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.
Wool is great for sleep in general, this article highlights a few more of the benefits.
Obviously a wool mattress is not vegan friendly so it doesn’t work for everyone. I chose the Woolroom as they seem to have good welfare standards but if you don’t use any animal products at all but still want a natural mattress you could try latex.
However it was very complicated trying to find a truly natural one. You must also bear in mind that latex is not fire retardant so you would need to scrutinise what chemicals are use to achieve this.

Mattress Protectors

Whatever mattress you choose make sure you use a waterproof sheet to protect it. My favourite is the Hippychick range.
My top tip is to put 2 sheets on the bed and if one gets wet in the night you can whip one off and there is a dry one already underneath. Don’t fall into a trap by assuming your child cannot pee the bed more than once a night, I assure you, they can.



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