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Plants That Release Oxygen at Night


My 2 year old son Emilio has a heart condition called HLHS.
As you will have seen from previous blog posts I try and keep the air in my home as pure as possible. Luckily I made this decision before my youngest was born as paint fumes can last for years.
I have also never let anyone smoke in my house as third hand smoke is a big problem that many people still don’t understand. 
house plants that release oxygen
Originally I was looking into what plants would provide more oxygen in my home. Emilio’s oxygen runs between 75-85%. (To put this into perspective anything under 95% is considered worryingly low and would have you admitted to hospital)
Most plants release oxygen during the day through photosynthesis. They take in light and Co2 and release oxygen. During the night they actually breathe in oxygen. (Don’t worry, the amount of oxygen they produce during the day far exceeds the the amount they take in)
However I found that there were several plants that released oxygen at night. I chose 2 Orchids, an Aloe Vera and a Snake Plant for the bedroom.
.snake plant
Snake Plant
I managed to kill one of the orchids unfortunately but the other one is still going strong. They like to have the leaves misted, but not the flowers. I misted all over and the flowers fell off!
The Aloe Vera and Snake Plants have been very easy to care for. In fact Mama Snake made 2 babies so now I have 3.
plants that release oxygen at night
I did get some mould in the roots of the snake plants but I think I was over watering. They seem to be pretty hard to kill but make sure they are not waterlogged. I took them into the garden, washed the roots and repotted and they are fine.
Now I have worked out how not to kill my plants I will be getting some more. I feel a new obsession coming on.
If you are interested in other air purifying plants check out this article on the NASA study. 



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