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Rainforest Wallpaper


For those who have been watching the progress of my illustrations on Instagram over the last few months you will have seen lots of intriguing tropical animals. 
Sometimes I start with a vague idea in my head and just draw whatever appeals to me. Designs such as my bird wallpaper featuring the Purple Gallinule started in this way. 
Other times I have a more specific theme in mind. My new Rainforest design had an purpose so I concentrated on animals and plants that lived in that environment. 
As usual there are some lesser known creatures. My favourite is the Pinocchio lizard and it's pink fungus parasol. 
Here is the original ink drawing.
pinocchio lizard
And here is Anolis proboscis with coloured inks and watercolours added. This was so much fun to paint. 
Anolis proboscis
This beautiful reptile was thought to be extinct until a few years ago so it's incredibly exciting that it's been spotted.
This particular wallpaper is a very special collaboration with Rainforest Trust. 
I met Chris and Adela at a trade show as they were interested in my weird animal illustrations. We got chatting and came up with the idea to donate some profits from a unique design to the trust. 
In fact it was Chris that introduced me to the Resplendent Quetzal which made the final cut to appear on the wallpaper. How great is it when you  meet someone as passionate about gorgeous creatures as you? He also advised me not to use stink bugs in my design. I don't know why, you wouldn't be able to SMELL them I said...
resplendent quetzal
When I told Chris I could donate £21 per roll of wallpaper he explained that would save 21 acres of rainforest! You can see more about the specific project here. 
Rainforest Trust works to gain titles for the land that indigenous people live on. This protects it from logging and exploitation.  
Some of the endangered species that benefit from this protected land include black faced spider monkeys and giant otters. 
This wallpaper is just the thing if you are looking for that jungalow style and want to save some of the real jungle too.
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