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Sustainable Furniture


I have been thinking a lot about sustainability recently and how I can get more involved in reducing waste and having a more positive impact on the planet. 
One way I am happy to be involved is in collaborating with furniture upcyclers to re-use old furniture. 
The less that ends up in landfill the better. Solid wood items can last a lifetime or more, so it's only right that we should cherish them as heirlooms, not throw them out as transient trends change, 
I have worked with the lovely Kata at Studio 27 a number of times. I absolutely adore the way she takes my wallpaper and totally transforms bland pieces into something extraordinary. 
papered furniture
Maximalists all want show stopping pieces in our homes. Wallpaper will always be my number one choice for dramatic transformations. However, it's not always possible due to renting or other restrictions. 
The great thing about papered furniture is that you get the drama but with the additional benefit of being able to move it to any room you choose. Interior addicts are well known for switching up their living spaces to refresh a room. 
decoupage furniture
I have totally fallen for this piece with it's gold handles and Marie Antoinette vibe. 
At the time of writing this cabinet was still available but if you are coveting it, be quick! I know the last one sold quickly. 
If you do miss the boat, don't despair. Kata can take any of my designs and create something specially for you. 



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