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Wildlife Drawing


I have a whole library of natural history books and identification guides to draw from, in an ever evolving collection. These books are beloved, and useful, but there is nothing like drawing from life to really understand your subject.
Recently I attended two different drawing days with Wildlife Drawing.
The first was a plant sketching workshop where I got back to basics with some drawing exercises and lots of observation to capture the true form of the flowers I was studying.
The second workshop was an amazing afternoon studying honeybees. This was during the time I was working on a piece for the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust so it was great to see some bees up close, albeit safely behind glass!
We also got to taste some marvellous London honey from Pearly Queen which was delicious. So interesting to note the differences between the London Boroughs, everyone had a different favourite.
pearly queen honey
If you would like to check out Wildlife Drawing’s fantastic live animal workshops take a look at her website. I was really impressed that a portion of the profits is usually donated to a relevant conservation charity and the welfare of the animals is top priority for Jenny.



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