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Patterned Furniture


I love seeing my wallpaper on furniture.
wallpaper furniture
Detail from a collaboration with Studio 27 using my 'Tangled Hawkmoth' wallpaper
Collaborations are always fun, and it shows my designs off in a thrilling new way. 
It’s not only a great way to bring bold wallpaper into your home, but it’s better for the planet too.
I have seen some rough old bits of furniture, that looked destined for the tip, transformed into works of art.
papered furniture
When furniture can be repurposed in this way it saves on all the materials and energy it takes to make something new.
Personally I think there is nothing better than solid wood furniture. If you look after it, it will last forever.
I have spent the last few years slowly building my collection and getting rid of any MDF or flimsy items in my own home.
I am investing in things that I hope will last me forever. (Many of them quirky flea shop finds such as my beautiful bureau, which incidentally cost me less than some Ikea desks)
patterned furniture
Studio 27 repurposed this solid sideboard with my 'Gallinule' wallpaper. 
Patterned furniture brings such interest to a room. If you, like me, embrace maximalism, then a decorated set of drawers, or a fancy sideboard will really bring your interior to life.
Most good furniture restorers will use a professional varnish to keep the piece in top condition.
The wonderful thing about papered furniture is that commissions are usually welcomed.
If you have been drooling over a wallpaper design that you don’t want on walls, why not ask for a bespoke item?
Of course for the pattern on pattern crowd it means you can have your cake and eat it with how many designs you can show off.
gold handle
Detail from a piece by Studio 27 using my Cicada's reflection wallpaper. 
Studio 27 also offers workshops to teach you the skills to create your own dream furniture piece.
What do you think of papered furniture, or patterned interiors in general?



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