Flexographic Wallpaper Printing. May 18 2017

It's been a while since I did a behind the scenes on wallpaper printing so here a few pictures to show you what happens after the wallpaper rollers are engraved. 
The first step is to mix the paint for the pad or background colour. 
This is the rich purple for Beetlenut. Looks a bit messy doesn't it? 
ink mixing
The background colour is then applied with a blank roller. The image below is the gorgeous teal green which is one of my all time favourite colours. 
wallpaper printing
Then, the exciting bit! The engraved roller is used to apply the design. In this case, glorious metallic gold.
metallic bug wallpaper
I'm so in awe of this wonderful traditional process. The detail is absolutely phenomenal. Due to the nature of my work and the tiny dots I was concerned some of the finer parts would be lost or smudged or blurred in some way. I am pleased to say the outcome was just as I had hoped. 
As much as I love digital printing for the scope it gives me (far more colours, shorter print runs and smaller minimum orders etc) flexographic printing will always be very special to me.
It's a little bit magic. 

Botanical Illustration December 02 2015

I'm so excited to be able to finally announce my exclusive botanical illustration commission with Lilly Loray, the fabulous retro furniture and homewares company.

Horseshoe Vetch botanical illustration

The brief was to create a set of vintage style wall prints for the seasons using the signature Lilly Loray colours. 


I chose Snowdrop, Cornflower, Poppy and Horseshoe Vetch. 

Snowdrop vintage wall art

I originally created the outlines and shading in ink using my trusty Rotring Rapidiographs before printing out in large format to add the colour. The writing was added by the lovely Tom Tinn-Disbury


Cornflower painting


I love the stationery clips and wire Lilly Loray have added. It gives them a quirky industrial look. They are printed on a marvellous flexible fabric style material so will last generations. 


Vintage flower wall chart

These are available now only on Lilly Loray. 

Get in touch if you have a commission you would like to discuss!